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COURTENEY COX Birthday Project 2012

Attention, Courteney fans! Who wants to join a birthday video we’re planning on doing for our CC?

If you are interested, READ the instructions below and then contact us on Twitter (@CourteneyVideo) OR via email (courteneycoxproject@yahoo.com), but we prefer on Twitter.

These are the guidelines:

COURTENEY COX Bday Project 2012:

We want to send CC a message/vid again, to wish her a happy bday and thank her for inspiring us.

This video is gonna be a little different than the usual: we want to write a big collective message. Basically we’ll come up with a sentence and everyone who’s participating will write a single WORD, and eventually all the pictures will be edited together in a video to form a message.
(If you check out the video we made last year, we did something similar at the very end, where we wrote ‘just the way you are’).

If you want to join, these are the precise instructions. Read carefully, and if you don’t understand something don’t hesitate and contact us! :)

1) WE (the group of people who’s organizing this) will come up with a sentence in which we wish CC a happy bday and thank her for her constant inspiration etc. etc.

2) There will be two deadlines: first of all, you have time until May 23rd (NOT LATER) to tell us if you want and can take part; then if you decide to join, WE will contact you personally on Twitter and send you a WORD that you should write on a piece of paper. You’ll have to take a picture of yourself with the sign, and then submit it to us (if you’re not comfortable with showing your face, it’s not a problem, you can hide behind the sign). You will have time to send us your picture until JUNE 3RD . Please, if you’re not sure that you can make it by that day, don’t give us a confirmation, because we need to know exactly how many we are gonna be.

3) Our awesome editor @original_tessa (she edited the video we made last year, you can find it in @CourteneyVideo’s bio) will put the video together so our message will be complete, and then we will send it to CC via Twitter for her bday on June 15.

Please let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you want to join.
We want to spread the word as much as we can, so if you know someone who might be interested let him/her know about our project! We’ll try to contact some people directly, but we can’t contact everyone :)


Please help us spread the word, there’s not much time!